Ihor Orushchak
2 min readOct 12, 2022

The defence at the job’computers and their perspectives.

The angle of the vision is 30 degrees, and a source of the electromagnetic field of the computer monitor screen had been turning off, and become unlightning the black stream. The men, who worked and his an apple eye is harmful and some hotter. As then recommended the tutor of children less than 6 years is forbidden to use devices. 6–14 child — one seans with hiking, breaking pause 15 minutes. 14 -21 the seanses in the computer classes 45 minutes healing 10-minute pause. Older 21 years is the programmist, who worked not more than one hour. From 1995 metallic the danger is from lightning, A danger the voltage 220 V and only the visioning teachers. 30 minutes is the force without the confinement. 12 V is healthy, not bad. On the liquid crystals, computers have no problem with the feeling. It is not conducted line must be the wire in the ground. A similar triangle equalled all of the sides, with a 0.8-meter depth. Resisting may be less than 40 Om. The computer class is the defence against electricity. Printers were matrices, streaming, laser, and light diodes. Matrices of the point 0.3 mm and may be mechanic and chemically traumas of the child. Stream print+she was piezoelectric fire for the tobacco. If take mechanic force is appearing e.r.f. Crystal piezo 1200 degrees of temperature. High T then high pressure. The farb was dry at the moment. Term trauma was the panel. Se+baraban changes magnetism and spines. Terms as similar to a gas cooker. Using a laser printer is categorically forbidden. LCD-diodes lamp I have the firm ‘’Oki’’ given forever guarantee. Only 220 V here. The scanner also is hopeful at 220 V. The lamp of lightning is 800 watts and the direct 600 lumens because will be light in the eyes and aches. Every technic has harmful sound. And may isolation. For 4 hours would be ionisation of air of negative ions. The ionisation of air was invited in Ukraine. Is also a meteorological problem and maybe 20–22 %, ionic state, speed 1000–1200 ions and in sport halls15–18 %. 150 luks of light. It is naturally from sun and lamp halogens, hot lamps, and curves lamp 100 kPa and inside 75 kPa in this plaphone of inerts gas. Use lamps by Edison were and are forbidden. The monitor takes in the dark rooms. May neighbor is managing director and he produces radio, lamps and now till not late a corks. He has a great e[pirience, as I out.