Ihor Orushchak
Oct 18, 2022

My third a televizor ‘’SAMSUNG’’

My televisor Samsung Slim Digital 100 Hz SRS The Suround XT

This a televizor we at home had bought for 3000_4000 hryvnia, and driving for the train from Lviv, Ukraine. I was drawing all in out pannel scheme for used danger. Inside I not vised. It is easy. My second televisor was Electron in colour what from September 1986, 17, when the football match Beroe (Bulgaria, Old Zagora) — Dynamo (Ukraine, Kyiv). Here I am sheme tv one. I understood all number of the resistors Om’s natural law. Had a true Borys Grabowsky invented televisor black? In 2017 I was illusion or not called me British chenels? Thanks!