Ihor Orushchak
Oct 12, 2022

I may write verses very easy from once.

When I was coursed on the pedagogic teachers, came the dean of a faculty in the sphere of philologie exactly an accent was his specialization and from the door first step, he had begun the lection with an aim. In me appeared the poetic soul, because I had remembered as I in the school did not learn and did not make poetry. Then, I at my school shown to the Ukrainian of this town to write, and I simply learn the class some of them to write Ukrainian verse ‘’’ Eneida’’ on the Pulibys’greeak ancient classical poetry, neglecting on to that is Phicicsist and Mathematiscsis, but my father was special on language and literature. But is was abruptly and not planning. It was so obtained spirit and soul. But was it in 2001 in the fall…